Friday Favorites 1.30.15


TGIF dear friends! Today I felt like sharing some things that I have been enjoying this week! First off, is this father and son picture. I melt every time I lay eyes on this picture. I can’t believe in a couple of months, we will have our own little boy. It’s so funny because my husband is addicted to ball caps. He will not leave the house without one. We definitely will be replicating this picture lol! I have been seeing a ton of girls rocking the grey hair trend. I’m not sure if I could ever come up with enough nerves to do this but I do love how Toya Wright rocks hers. The […]

Pregnancy Fashion: Plaid Shirt & Riding Boots

Pregnancy Fashion 1

Good day beauties! It’s humpday, you have made it half way through the week! Today, I have some more of my pregnancy fashion to share with you. I really don’t know why I’m calling it pregnancy fashion since I refuse to wear maternity clothing. I would totally wear all of my outfits if I wasn’t pregnant. My biggest struggles are finding tops long enough to cover my belly and jeans to rise up over my hips that has spread. The struggle is real y’all!! I only have 2 more months to go! I have so many outfits that’s just waiting in my closet to make their way onto the blog. The gym has been calling […]

Snippets Of My Journal: Just To Get Away


This upcoming Wednesday, I will be 31 weeks pregnant. I am so anxious to meet my new son. I have to say that this pregnancy has been harder than my first with Jellybean. My energy is at an ultimate low, my back pains are out of this world, and my stomach is much bigger with him. Most days I am happy but I do have my moments of frustration. I am normally a busy person but I feel so limited right now. Normally when I’m frustrated, I work out. I can’t really do that either with my back pains. As you can clearly tell, I am not the woman that enjoys being pregnant. I am […]

Weekly Grabs #2


It’s that time again for Weekly Grabs! If you want to know more about my Weekly Grab series, catch the first post here from last week. This week my goal was to grab look at the smaller and cheaper products that I love and often look over. Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in Smokey Brun 002 This was one of Rimmel’s first eyeshadow quad that I fell in love with. It works amazing with a good primer. I love the fact that it’s small and can make more than a few different neutral looks.  Sometimes when I’m in a rush, I don’t feel like pulling out my huge pallets. I prefer to pull out a […]

Lace Skirt: Thrifted

Thrift lace skirt

Thrifting is something that I speak about often here, on my channel or on my social media. I absolutely love thrifting. It is fun, challenging, and pushes me creatively. Besides those three reasons, it doesn’t affect my pocket-book too much. When I speak about thrifting, I am referring to clothing, household items, antiques, books ect… I have several thrift shops in my area that I visit often but I also look for them when traveling. Once, I had a doctor’s appointment in Houston (an hour from my home) and arrived early. I had time to waste so I pulled out the trusty iphone to locate the nearest thrift store. Trust me, time flies when you […]

Nails Of The Week 1.22.15

China Glaze Shy High-Top Polish

I actually polished my nails on Monday and just now got around to posting them here. I’m so horrible! Anyhoot, I have a huge nail polish collection that makes me forget how much I may love a particular color. I totally forgot how beautiful China Glaze “Sky High-Top” really is. The polish inside the bottle really doesn’t do justice, but once applied…..holy smokes!!! I literally can’t stop staring at my nails! The color is so vibrant and electric. I will definitely be rocking this China Glaze “Sky High-Top” in the spring and summer. I used Sechevite clear top coat. It’s amazing and dries super fast! Like this:Like Loading…

New Hair: Red

red hair

This really isn’t new hair, but a style that I have never featured here on the blog. Every now and then, I will play around with color in my hair. For the most part, I try to stay “natural looking” besides this red that I love so much. One of the reasons that I love this red is because in regular light, it isn’t as noticeable. Once I get in the sun…..BAM! My hair lights up like a Christmas tree. My husband even claimed that he didn’t realize how red my hair actually was. My beautician initially dyed the extensions. I mainly wanted the color coming from underneath and more black color on top. Did […]

Snippets Of My Journal: Introduction Letter


As I feel you move and dance around in my belly, I grow more and more anxious to meet you. I can’t wait to hold you and to look into your eyes. Your father is so excited to meet you as well. He is even more anxious that you are a boy and y’all can do father-son things together. I will show you the picture of him jumping up and down when the doctor announced your sex. It’s pretty hilarious. He has so many plans for the two of you. Some of those things he wasn’t able to experience with his own father. You are blessed to have an amazing father as he is. The […]

Weekend Purchases 1.18.15

Weekend Purchases 1.18.15

Happy Sunday dolls! I just wanted to drop in and share with you a few purchases from the weekend. Since I am very pregnant (29 weeks), my beauty stash is growing very rapidly. I’m not going to get into too much detail because I plan on reviewing most of these products. In the top left, the items come from Walgreens & CVS. The Vaseline lotion is for my hubby. The colorful flowers were purchased from a local florist. We had two straight weeks of gloomy, cold and wet days. I wanted to boost my mood so I purchased them. The next day the sun was out! Items in the bottom left are from TJMaxx. I […]

Weekly Grabs #1

Weekly Grabs #1

I have decided to start a new series called “Weekly Grabs” here on the blog. I will be sharing a few products that I have used for the week along with a short review for each product listed. This means that every week, you will get weekly product reviews from me!! I am so excited to commit to Weekly Grabs for several reasons: I have way too many products that gets ignored. I always get caught in a rut using the same products over and over. This is a great way to kick out more reviews. I never had the problem of not having enough products to review. I have always had a problem of […]

Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candle

Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candle

I came across Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods recently and fell in love. It is by far one of my favorite scents of the winter season. First off, the candle looks beautiful. The jar comes in a beautiful burgundy like color which has a classy and elegant look to it. I love that the vegetable wax is the same color as the jar. The candle is described as “tart cranberries, black currant and warm cinnamon bark capture the magic of the woods during harvest.” The cranberry fragrance seems to stand out a bit more than the scent of the woods which works out perfectly. Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods brings me back to […]

Matte Black Nails

matte black nails

Matte black nails has been on my mind on and off for over the last six months. Black polish is one of my all time favorite colors to rock on my nails, but matte black? I don’t know why I was so hesitant to try them. After all, it’s only nail polish lol! I remember when I first started seeing the matte nail trend on Instagram. Of course, I was intrigued and knew I had to try them out. I was excited when I ran into NYC matte top coat. I knew that it would go perfect on top of my Revlon “Stiletto” black nail polish. I like the way they came out but I […]

New Journal for 2015

Journal 2015

Journalism has been something that I’ve been wanting to become more serious about for the New Year. As I have stated previously, becoming more personal here on the blog was going to be a new goal for me. I want you to know me as a “person” who love fashion and makeup. I am a “person” who actually has a life and feels emotion. I want to knock down my walls and share that side of me with you. Journaling my thoughts will definitely assist me in reaching that goal. I already had a ton of cute books and notebooks that I have purchased from TJMazz and Marshalls but they weren’t really inspiring. I use […]

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Snippets Of My Journal: Anxiety


Working on a computer all day is my thing and I’m good at it. I love my day job. Receiving emails, writing reports, making graphs and spreadsheets are a few of the tasks that I work on throughout the day. When receiving emails, I normally get a little preview of the email in the bottom right corner of my screen. On a particular day, I was working as usual then saw that I received an email from one of the bigger bosses in the little preview that popped on my screen. My body instantly got hot and my heart rate increased. Anxiety immediately took over. I thought to myself, “What does he want with me?” […]

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