Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Good day loves! I am quickly dropping in on such a beautiful day. I am sooo glad I am off today. I think after my workout this morning, I have actually been relaxing for a change. This might have something to do with the “Greed” marathon currently going on. I have been glued to the television like crazy.  Anyway, today I want to share with you my current Friday favorites. I have seen a few other bloggers post one, so I figured I would give it a go. I am always curious on what they are loving because I am so nosey lol!   Top Row: I have absolutely been loving my new Raybans. I […]

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Riverside Rose: NYC Intense Lip Color

Riverside rose

Good day beauties! I am so excited to be approaching a 3 day weekend. I am soooo in need of a break from my regular job. I don’t even have anything planned. I guess I need to rest since my New Orleans trip and Houston trip from my last two weekends. I am a little pooped and I really need to focus on my blog and channel. Do you all have anything planned? Make sure you are following me on my instagram and twitter. I am pretty active on there. A special thanks to all of my new followers as well. Today I want to share with you an amazing, budget friendly product I am in love with. […]

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Products I am Loving: Spring ’14


Hi loves! Today I have a quick video for you. I have a few products that I have been seriously loving! All of these beauty products are totally affordable and easy to get your hands on. Let me know if you have tried any of these and your thoughts on them. Talk to you in a bit. Kisses!!  



Do you remember the movie Scream? I like the part when he says, “Wuuuuuuzzzzz up” lol!! Don’t pay me any mind beauties. How are you on this beautiful day? A couple of days ago I was playing around and decided to go ahead and make it a post on the blog. My hubby came up with the name, if you were wondering. I think he likes when I add his touch to the blog. Anyway, don’t you just love to dress up?  I love to express myself in my outfits. Most of the time, the clothes that I am wearing is portraying exactly how I feel. I could never just wear skirts and heels everyday. I […]

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April 2014 Birchbox

April 2014 Birchbox

Hey beauties! I got home today and look what was in the mail! I swear I have a love/hate relationship with Birchbox. I love trying out their products but I can never use them up. I always end up with tons of samples that I can’t seem to use up fast enough. Anyway, this April’s Birchbox freaked me out …….in a good way. As I clocked out at work, the rain came down heavy. By the time I got home, it was cold again and the cats and dogs were still falling out of the sky. How ironic,  the theme of this month’s Birchbox is “Rainy Days”!!! In Texas, April is a pretty wet month. If […]

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Weekend Recap


Hey beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was okay, not too too eventful. I thought it would be fun to share a couple of snap shots from the weekend with their stories behind it. First Row: 1. I finally got my hands on some beautiful fresh flowers. This is my first time this season and I plan on making it a weekly routine. Fresh flowers always has a positive influence on my mood. Don’t you love for your environment to be surrounded with beauty? 2. I went by the Salvation Army and had to just stop and admire all the vintage books. I am such a nerd and always notice how much in […]

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Chaba Thai Bistro


Hey beauties! A few weekends ago the family and I decided to visit a restaurant we never been to before called Chaba Thai Bistro. I have been wanting to visit for some time since I have been hearing nothing but good things about it. Looking in from the outside, the windows are super dark. That made me really want to see what was in there lol! I am soooo nosey. Chaba Thai Bistro, is indeed beautiful inside. There weren’t too many people in there because we went early around brunch. The restaurant includes a bar, a lounge area, an eating area, and an eating area where you can sit in the floor. Forgive me if there is some type of term […]

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New Orleans Haul

Spring 2014 Haul

Hi loves! Here we are on another beautiful Friday! This weekend we are headed to a wedding in the city. Other than the wedding, I really don’t have any plans. I do want to get me some fresh flowers from the market. We will see. Anyhoot, today I want to share with you the things I purchased last weekend on my trip to New Orleans. If you haven’t seen my vlog of the trip, you can watch it here. Meanwhile, check out what I got in the video below.  Talk to you soon and have a great weekend!

I am on a journey…..


Everyday I strive to for improvement. I am in no way perfect, nor will I ever be. From the life choices I that make to the words that jumps out of my mouth…. I have learned a lot in my journey and these eyes of mine has seen a many things. I wouldn’t take away from any of it, good or bad. I accept a certain standard from myself and those who I surround myself with. I accept my mistakes but can’t begin to comprehend defeat. I strive to become better and proficient. The hunger that I have for it is alive and real. I have come so far, that I can only imagine what lies […]

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New Orleans Vlog

New Orleans

Hi loves!! I miss y’all sooooo much! If you follow my twitter and instagram, then you know the hubby and I went to New Orleans this past weekend. I was so excited just to get away. Do you ever just need a break away from you normal everyday routine? I know I do honey! Yet, when I am gone for more than a few days, I get homesick. New Orleans was quite an experience. New Orleans was a different kind of trip for me since it focuses more on history, besides the partying. It reminded me of my trip to Paris, as far as history is concerned. The food was amazing and I think I […]

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Cheap Peruvian 3 Tone Ombre Hair Extensions


Hi loves! How are you? I hope your week has treated you good. I have been working super hard at my day job but I am not complaining at all. Today is actually my “Friday” since I requested Friday off. The hubby and I will be headed to New Orleans for a short getaway. I am so excited just to get away. I haven’t been on a trip since Austin which was in September of last year. I don’t think I ever went that long without going out-of-town. I plan on covering a few things while I am out there including: my outfits, places we visit, weekend travel essentials, and whatever else I can think of. I […]

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Nails of the Week: Violet Voltage

spring polish

Hello my fabulous friends! I realized I totally forgot to share my nails of the week with you all. I went on a nail hiatus for about two months. I was able to treat my nails back to health but as far as designing them, I sucked! I really don’t have the patience to do my nails. I know for some of you beauties, painting your nails is therapeutic. I wish there was a machine I can just put my hands in and BOOM, I’m done. Anyway, enough of my wishing. I was super excited to go back to my acrylic nails. I decided on a very spring color, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Violet Voltage. Violet […]

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Huge Mommy & Daughter Spring Haul 2014

Spring shopping

 Hi loves! I miss y’all over the weekend. I was super busy. The weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. As you can clearly see, I did some shopping over the weekend. Jellybean and I really needed some spring and summer clothing. She hit a growth spurt and can hardly fit any of her clothes. Not to mention, Saturday was such a beautiful day. We really had a good time. We also hit up a new restaurant that I will share with you this week. I also got the hubby a few things online. His pieces are more urban. Would you like to see what I purchased for him? Let me know in the […]

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Plum & Gray


   Hey loves! How was your week? I am patiently waiting for some sunny beautiful weather. It was rainy this week which puts me in a blah mood. Nevertheless, I am still blessed. This weekend we plan on bringing Jellybean to the fair. I am sooo excited just to walk around with the family. Jellybean is growing so fast and the things that comes out of her mouth is super funny. Anyway, I hope I don’t eat too much because I have been very pleased with my newly flat tummy. I have been working hard preparing for the spring and summer. My favorite thing to eat at the fair is a Gyro or a Doner. It is a pita […]

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