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Vlog #2: Buffet, Photoshoot, & The Hubby’s Pythons

Vlog #2

Good day beauties! Today, I am sharing my second vlog with you. I’m starting to get the hang of taking a camera with me everywhere I go! lol! I hope you enjoy! Have a great week and see you in the next post! Like this:Like Loading…

Vlog #1: Planner Shopping, Bike Riders and The Hubby Dances

Vlog #1

Good day beauties! I just wanted to quickly catch you up with the channel if you aren’t a subscriber already. I recently decided to start filming vlogs! Yayyy!! I am super excited to share my life with you on a more personal level. I hope that you enjoy a small look into my life….. Please subscribe if you enjoy! Like this:Like Loading…

A Dose of Inspiration: Loey Lane Fat Girl

Loey Lane

I ran across this video yesterday and was blown away. Loey Lane, a plus size youtuber had a few things to address since reading comments about her latest videos, where she worn a swimsuit. The comments that she was reading had my mouth on the floor! Are people really that harsh? Don’t get me wrong, I know people will say whatever behind your back, but to take time to write a sick comment or email has my head spinning. I am a huge believer in karma and things turning around on the people who intend malicious acts….unless you repent and mean it. Loey is very brave to address the comments head on. I respect her for that. You can […]

A Story By One of the First Five Female Secret Agents: Behind the Shades

Behind the Shades

In Honor of the US Secret Service’s 150th Anniversary, Amazon #1 Bestseller Behind the Shades: A Female Secret Service Agent’s True Story Was Released a few weeks ago, Revealing What It Was Like to Crack The Glass Ceiling I receive a ton of news releases in my inbox and run through them pretty quickly. Something grabbed my attention about Sue Ann Baker. It had something to do with……being one of the first five female agents ever. I was incredibly anxious to know more about this brave woman and was even more excited to find out that she’s an author. I absolutely love uplifting, inspiring, and motivating women. I thought that Sue Ann Baker’s courage was a perfect testimony to share on the blog. […]

The Owl & Me: Outfit of the Day


Hey beauties! Last week I posted this look on my channel and totally forgot to post it here on the blog! I know! I’m a horrible blogger! Y’all know that I love to switch up my style and with this one, I was feeling funky and fresh lol! I had to top the look off with the hubby’s hat. He loves when I wear his stuff for some reason. Outfit details and video are below. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!       Top: Top: Target Bottoms: Rue21 Necklace: Forever21 Hat: Stacy Adams Heels: Urbanog Like this:Like Loading…

Snippets Of My Journal: I Quit

I quit

Well, I never claimed to be perfect but I do consider myself as a go-getter   goal getter. I don’t know what the hell happened to me this week. Let me go back to last weekend. I normally prep my blog, youtube channel and whatever projects that I’m currently working on for the following week. I was all set for this week, but something happened. I released two posts earlier in the week and that was it! I lost all motivation and drive for some reason. I felt discouraged and frustrated. After work a couple of days ago, I told the hubby that I was just going to quit. He didn’t even look back at me and quietly said, “No […]

How To Become Powerful

Powerful woman

Good day beauties, today I’m sharing my 10 tips on becoming powerful. If you think the primary focus of this blog is beauty and fashion, I have a confession…. The primary goal of this blog is to motivate, inspire and uplift women.  I feel like us women have the best of both worlds. Yes, we can be girly and soft, but on the other hand, we are strong, smart and can totally rock it in this so-called “man’s world”. I’ve had a military career and now I’m working in the plant industry. Both are primarily overfilled with men but at the same time, I’ve witnessed so many strong women killing it in the same roles. […]

Obsessed: Trail Mix Crunch Bars 180 Snacks

180 degree snacks

Now that you are reading this post, all 5 trail mix crunch bars of these 180 snacks are gone! I love finding healthy bomb snacks! Just because you’re on a healthy journey or living a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on tasteful food. My husband was one to think that everything healthy was nasty until he started trying my food and snacks out. I grabbed these blueberry pomegranate trail mix crunch bars of the 180 snacks not really knowing how good they were. I would have purchased more if I would have known that I love them as much as I did. They taste like a mix of dry cereal, […]

Wet n Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Crayons plus Swatches

Wet n Wild Velvet Matte Lip Colors

Wet n Wild has come out with a Fergie collection of velvet matte lip crayons. I’m not sure why the packaging says “new” on them because they have been around for a few months. They have a net wt. of 0.11 oz. The Fergie velvet matte lip crayons twist and retracts product and comes with a snap top. There is a very faint crayon-like smell but you have to put the lip crayon to your nose to actually smell it. The packaging is matte black loaded with product information. The color of the product is located on both ends which makes them easy to identify when stored. The lip crayons retail about $3.50 in US dollars.   Now let’s get into the fun part…. Wet […]

Small Target Haul

Target Haul

Hey beauties! I went into Target today to buy some 8 ounce Dr. Brown bottles for my little man. I really tried to walk past the makeup section but then I started hearing voices. A quick look wouldn’t hurt…..right? Yeah right. I have been obsessing over eyeliners lately. I really want to get better with my application, so I have been trying out a ton of eyeliners that would assist me in that. I have already tried out the NYC, Essence, Nyx Matte, and Jordana. I’m happy about two of the ones that I named but the application isn’t the easiest. I go to work extra early so I am looking for an eyeliner that […]

Snippets Of My Journal: You Act Like A White Girl

You Act Like A White Girl

“You act like a white girl.” has been told to me more than a few times. What the hell does that mean exactly? I have dissected this sentence for I don’t know how long. I think it’s been years. In the past, I would get mad and defensive. It’s just human nature for us to snap back at someone pointing a crooked finger in our face. Sometimes, I felt like I had to prove that I was “more black”…..whatever the hell that means. It’s too bad reality doesn’t set in when you are in your teens and twenties. I would have made some better choices in my life but we all learn…..and grow. Now, I […]

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Snippets Of My Journal: More Than Just Mom

More than mom

I don’t want to be just mom to my kids. You may be looking at that statement like…..what??? I am so serious. I want to be so much more to my kids. Let me stop right now and say that we are all different and have different goals and views in life. I am in no way trying to put anyone down or discredit what anyone does. This is just how I feel…… I am a strong believer that action speaks volume. I can’t tell my kids to do things that they don’t see me actually doing. When my kids see me, I want them to see a strong woman, a go getter. I’m not […]

Post Baby Fashion OOTD

Edgy Fashion

So it’s been about two and a half months post baby and I am getting back into gear with my body and fashion. I have about 10 more pounds that I want to lose and then I’ll just maintain. I wore this outfit and hair to my cousin’s graduation (and out to eat). I wanted to be comfortable carrying around my little man. Y’all also know that graduations require a lot of walking! I decided on a simple but edgy look. “Bad ass” is my favorite type of style to rock. You know, cute and sexy, but can kick some butt if need be. No!!!!!!!!!! I’m not trying to kick any butt, I just love the […]

Do You Know Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey

“Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?” was the question that my boss asked me. I was telling him how a bill collector was calling my office phone for one of the workers and that led us into a conversation about money and finances. I told him that the name sounded familiar but, I didn’t recall who he was. To sum it up, he basically told me that Dave Ramsey was a financial genius. He covers everything dealing with finance. My husband and I are in our thirties and we’re in a good place with our finances. We save and prepare for retirement and college (for our two kids). We bought our home a few years […]

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