Negative People are Zombies!!

It is amazing how people can be so negative all the time. I understand sometimes we have our bad days and may not be feeling the moment but when you are negative all the time, then something is wrong within yourself. I have sat back and literally watched a person in my life and realized how this person changes the way they act around different people. When that person is around me, they are negative but when other people are around it goes from 1% to 100%. I guess because others entertain that mess. Negative people are like zombies that wants you to be on their team. That is a problem right there. I refuse to let others determine what type of person I am. I don’t know why that person is so afraid of staying true to himself? OK, I realize this may have something to do with confidence…..
You: OK, Delabelle, whats your point?
Me: Honey child, I don’t know. I guess my point is beauties, to RECOGNIZE negativity up front and claim it as the bull you know it to be. If you know someone don’t want to see you do good in your life, limit conversations and don’t let them in to know so much of your life. Im sure they will say you are stuck up but its okay. Now don’t go around thinking everyone is hating on you! That’s a whole different subject!
Be THANKFUL for what you have in your life and be PROUD for what you have worked for and accomplished. Look how far you’ve come, because honey we all have our story. If you are in your lowest moment now, it will not last, but you must DO something to make something happen.
I read something somewhere these 5 questions:
1. Is it kind?
2. Is it motivational?
3. Is it inspiring?
4. Is it uplifting?
5. Is it encouraging?
These images are not mine.
Feel free to email me some topic ideas or share any stories with me. If you want to be discreet, that is also fine. Let’s inspire each other!
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  1. This is a smart post, it really is.
    That first photo is too cute haha.

  2. thanks hun! I love the first picture as well lol!

  3. Love this :)

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